Mickey (2004) blu ray stream

Mickey (2004) blu ray stream

Release Date:
May 2, 2004

90 minutes

Drama Family
– Drama
– Family


– English

US $6000000

– United States of America

6.5 / 1

Movie Synopsis:
Best-selling author John Grisham deviates from his usual literary thrillers with this winning film that stars Harry Connick Jr. as Tripp Spence, a widower who goes on the run from the IRS with his 12-year-old baseball-phenomenon son, Derrick (Shawn Salinas). They assume new identities and flee to Las Vegas, where Derrick, now known as Mickey, joins a team that makes it to the Little League World Series. But will fame give away his true identity?

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Mickey (2004) blu ray stream
Mickey (2004) blu ray stream
Mickey (2004) blu ray stream
Mickey (2004) Full Movie
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Mickey (2004) trailer

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Mickey (2004) blu ray stream

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Reviewer 1:

Mickey (2004) blu ray stream
I decided to take in this film primarily because it showcases the premier event of my hometown, by virtue of which has allowed me its access. I went in with few expectations, and left feeling quite satisfied. This film certainly ventures from the typical Hollywood fluff one might expect from a movie featuring Little League Baseball, casting a dark aura about an event cherished for its purity. Some off-beat humor slips in from time to time, as well as some stunning contrast of emotion rarely seen in mainstream films. I also paid attention to many of the details, given that I spent my childhood late Augusts watching the games at Lamade Stadium. I will say I would have loved to see in some of the shots children sliding down the upper hill behind Lamade on pieces of cardboard boxes, which has become a trademark of Little League Baseball ambiance, but I understand the absence. All in all, good viewing, and a shame that this film will likely pass into relative obscurity.

Reviewer 2:

Mickey (2004) blu ray stream

As a former Little League dad and Little League coach, I was curious about the movie, particularly because part of it was filmed in our home town. So I admit to a little bias when I see some people I know in the movie.

That notwithstanding, I very much enjoyed it. The producers decided to cast baseball players and teach them to act, rather than trying to teach actors to play baseball. The baseball sequences are well done, and very realistic to Little League experience.

I was wondering how they were going to deal with the basic problem of making a feel-good ending out of a pretty lousy set of circumstances, and I really thought they did it well.

I suspect that it will not get great reviews — there is not a lot of complexity and brooding and foreboding, no sex, violence or cursing, etc.

It’s a little like “The Mighty Ducks”; the fact pattern is believable if improbable, kids mature and succeed, parent makes a good connection with a love interest, and by the end you like the characters and you care what happens to them.

Good summer flick.

Reviewer 3:
I had the opportunity to listen to John Grisham in Ottawa Ontario, Canada in April 2001 discuss his upcoming project “Mickey”. Now, in April 2004 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, I was able to see the movie and again listen to John Grisham at a private screening along with the Director Hugh Wilson. “Mickey” was well worth waiting for.

Using Little League Baseball as a background, the Plot centers on a father/son relationship and the difficult choices they have to make. The drive of “Mickey” is focused on the choices made by the Father (Harry Connick Jr.) and how they affect not only his son, but the lives of the team his son plays for.

This is not a “Hollywood” movie. It is far superior to the high tech improbable entertainment that “Hollywood” churns out these days.

Hugh Wilson deftly guides this fine character study that came from the heart of writer John Grisham. Harry Connick Jr. gives his best performance to date (Deserving a nod for Best Actor) and is aided by the fine supporting cast. Mike Starr, as the coach, is one of those character actors ala Jack Elam, Harry Dean Stanton, Kevin Pollock….who you recognize, but just can’t remember the name to go with the face, is deserving of a nomination for Best Supporting Actor as he pulls out terrific performance by 1st timer Shawn Salinas (Mickey) and Harry Connick Jr. Michelle Johnson (Blame it on Rio) also contributes to the angst displayed by HCJ.

This is a fine family movie to be enjoyed by all.

Reviewer 4:
I saw Mickey with my wife and our two sons who, while past their little league days, at 15 and 17 are still close enough to have distinct memories of the experience. I thought the movie itself was watchable, but not much more than that…too many innings of baseball that had me squirming like I was sitting on a hard bleacher bench.

What I really liked was the conversation it stimulated over dinner afterwards. Was the con justified in any way? What’s the right way to pick a rec team? Would Mickey’s teammates really have behaved the way they did post-revelation? Does our government run on back room deals? Not too many flicks, books or news get as much airing in our family. For that, and that alone, I appreciated Mickey.

Reviewer 6:
Went today to view this movie. I should say that I see a lot of movies both with and without my 10 year old daughter. I am very glad I saw this movie. I think, overall, it was well done. It is about little league but more than that. The end result teaches accountability for your actions and honesty. It doesn’t give you the happy ending in the sense that the dad gets off for his crime which I think sends a good message. I was impressed with this film. It is a limited showing but I think a good investment of your time. FYI, for those who don’t know this film sets Harry Connick Jr as a widowed dad in trouble for falsifying tax info resulting in evasion and fraud charges. The son, played by newcomer Shawn Salinas, is a child who is ending his little league career as a pitcher turning 13. By getting a new identity his son also stays 12 making him eligible for one last year in little league and one more shot at the little league world series. A well done family film or just for those who might want to relive a little of their childhood.

Reviewer 7:
It is so wonderful to see a movie about Little League. This movie shows the little league spirit and excitement of the LL World Series. Little League is the oldest youth sports organization in the world and it deserves to be showcased in such a wonderful way. The actors do a great job of catching the spirit of the movie the father shows that he is loving but troubled. and “Mickey” shows the youthful love of baseball and the struggle to handle the situation in front of him I have heard some say that this is the best kids Baseball movie since the sandlot and I fully agree. This is a movie that everyone should see and one that can be a true inspiration for all young people who play or love Little League baseball

Reviewer 8:
One review said, “While not a thriller like other John Grisham books…”. My husband and I beg to differ! The tension in Mickey at times was almost unbearable. The characters are likable, but yet they cheat. Each victory in LL increases their chance of exposure… but yet you want Mickey’s team to keep winning. The “bad” guys are the hated IRS, but yet… OK there’s no way in h*** that you WANT the IRS to catch them, but Tripp DID hide assets. You really sense the dad’s fear of being caught fighting against his desire to let his son show his spectacular skills.

It’s one of the most unpredictable movies I’ve seen in a long time. It’s nice to be fooled once and awhile.

The acting was good. I’m thinking of writing a football screenplay and my brother said “Don’t get actors and try to teach them football. Get football players that can act.” And that’s exactly what J.G. says they did when casting the ballplayers in MIckey. I think they did an excellent job!

Reviewer 9:
I recently bought this, mostly because of my liking of the Little League World Series. After watching it, even if i didn’t love the LLWS, I would have recommended it anyway. I loved how authentic they made the games feel. They used same uniforms, stadiums, even announcers in Brent Musberger and Harold Reynolds. They even used some of the same teams as in the 2001 series. The only thing about the movie I was a little confused over was the punishment the teams received. In the 2001 Little League World Series, a team from New York used an ineligible player. The team was stripped of all awards and games won during all-stars. These teams were only stripped of their most recent wins. They probably could have had a more realistic sentence, but I really loved this movie anyway.

Reviewer 10:
If you are looking for a super intense thriller like the past John Grisham based films. This film is not for you. But if you are looking for a great little family film to watch with your little sluggers– this is the perfect film for you.

MICKEY is a sweet and honest story of redemption centered around little league baseball. Harry Connick Jr. does a great job playing. Tripp Spence, who flees with his son, and assumes a new identity, after being indicted for tax fraud. Although his son Mickey is technically too old for Little League baseball, their invented lives allow for him to play another year. Mickey’s superb performance draws attention to the team, bringing with it the possibility that law enforcement agents will find Spence. Spence and his son must therefore contend with the consequences of their cheating and learn a valuable life lesson.

MICKEY is a wonderful family-friendly film that reinforces the concept of fairness and taking responsibility for your actions both sports and within the rest of your life. MICKEY is chalk full of high energy little-league baseball action and delivers a powerful and positive message. It’s perfect for a pizza night at home with the kids or even a rained out sporting event.


Reviewer 11:
“Mickey” a very strong feel good heartwarming movie that got away. This movie is currently in limited release. It is about a father who just wishes his son could make it to “The Little League World Series.” There is just one problem, The IRS is looking for the father who is suffering in debt, and Mickey is to old to play in Little League. Solution move away, and change your identity.The movie starts out a little too fast, and things are thrown together really fast, but be patient it’s worth your time. This movie is currently in the middle Tennesse area. If it’s not in theaters in your area rent this movie in your spare time. My take on the movies a very strong 8/10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!



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