Watch Walt Before Mickey (2015) online full movie

Watch Walt Before Mickey (2015) online full movie

Release Date:
April 3, 2015

120 minutes

– Drama


– English

US $0

– United States of America

6.3 / 17

Movie Synopsis:
Based on the book “Walt Before Mickey” covers the early years of Walt Disney’s career. The legendary Walt Disney had a tumultuous childhood, yet he was determined to overcome obstacles in his path, before the creation of his first iconic character: Mickey Mouse.

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Watch Walt Before Mickey (2015) online full movie
Watch Walt Before Mickey (2015) online full movie
Watch Walt Before Mickey (2015) online full movie
Walt Before Mickey (2015) Full Movie
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Walt Before Mickey (2015) trailer

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Watch Walt Before Mickey (2015) online full movie

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Reviewer 1:

Watch Walt Before Mickey (2015) online full movie
Not to put too fine a point on it- this is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a very long time.

I wish I could get back the $ I spent to watch this on OnDemand. The acting is painful, the pacing is leaden, and the dialogue reminds one of that written for the sixth grade Christmas play. I dozed off several times and didn’t even miss anything.

About the only praise I can come up with is that the cast are pretty much all really good looking. And the guys who play the supporting team of animators in the early incarnation of the Disney studios work very hard and almost succeed in making their scenes compelling. But it’s not enough to overcome either the uninspired earnestness of the guy playing Walt Disney, or the atrocious dialogue. Every scene drags. Every. Scene. It very much screamed ‘inexperienced director’.

There is a good story lurking underneath here. But it’s not told in this particular film. It’s especially egregious that they gloss over the fundamental dishonesty of a man who lies to and manipulates his employees to keep them churning out work, with the goal of achieving his own dream. It’s not an admirable thing to steal work from an employee- particularly when it’s being made clear that those employees are suffering as a result. A skilled filmmaker could have drawn drama out of this scenario; a lot could have been made of the irony of a man trampling all before him to bring the world… Mickey Mouse.

Hopefully, this story will someday get the treatment it deserves. It does not get it here. Which is unfortunate, because apparently most of those involved in this project were also the ones bankrolling it, and they all seem like nice people.

Reviewer 2:

Watch Walt Before Mickey (2015) online full movie

“Walt Before Mickey” (2015 release; 110 min.) is a look at Walt Disney’s early years, in particular the decade between 1919 and 1929. As the movie opens, we see a 7 yr. old Walt in rural Missouri, with a stern father. As a 13 yr. old, Walt officially becomes interested in animation, and we swiftly move on to 1919, when Walt moves to Kansas City and starts his first company “Laugh-O-Gram”. At this point we are 15 min. into the movie, but to tell you more would spoil your viewing experience, you’ll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Couple of comments: first, this is the movie adaptation of the book of the same name by Timothy Susanin (and a foreword by Diane Disney Miller). I have not read the book and so cannot comment how closely the movie sticks to the book (I’m guessing, very closely). I don’t want to overstate this, but at the same time don’t want to not mention it, namely that this movie comes with the official Disney stamp of approval. That could be a good thing, although the downside of this is that there isn’t the slightest negative thing about Walt Disney in this movie. I mean, to accept this movie as 100% true, Walt Disney had to have been a living saint. It even goes so far that at the end of the movie, when we are informed what would become of many of the characters featured in this,, it states “Walt never held a grudge against Charles Mintz”. (You need to see the movie to fully understand how badly Mintz treated Disney…) As to the acting performances, I felt many of them were quite ‘wooden’, you can tell they are literally ‘acting’. Thomas Ian Nicholas (best known from the American Pie franchise) tries to make the most of it, but even he cannot save the movie. Bottom line, I was disappointed with the second rate quality and overall feel of the movie, like this was a TV Movie of the Week, directed by a first time feature-length director (in this case: Khoa Le). Is there a great story to be told? Absolutely! But it won’t be found in this movie, unfortunately.

The movie opened this past weekend and the matinée screening where I saw this at was attended very nicely, somewhat to my surprise, since this movie has not gotten much of an advertising push or anything. Seems that people really do want to find out more about the early life of the American icon that is Walt Disney. Surely Walt deserved a better movie than this. “Walt Before Mickey” is strictly for Disney fans, and even then, viewer beware!

Reviewer 3:
This is my very first IMDb review. I was compelled to write, as this film is simply THAT bad.

This is a cheesy, cheap, made-for-TV style travesty with all the depth of a teaspoon. The script is weak, the dialogue stilted and cringe-worthy, and the acting is quite simply pitiful. But the worst thing about this film is the pathetically awful directing. A glance at Khoa Le’s bio tells you everything you need to know. A director with absolutely no skill or experience who’s greatest talent seems to be talking himself up.

Walt Disney, the man himself, is a subject that is ripe for the picking – compelling, universally appealing, easily marketable. No one but the most dyed-in-the-wool deluded Disney fanatic could believe this version of his story is all there is to tell. This paltry product barely even begins to pick off the obvious scabs of the man’s early life. Any other half-witted music video producer masquerading as a feature film director could have done so much more with this material and cast.

The most intriguing and surprising thing about this, is that it got past the Disney legal team.

Reviewer 4:
Walt Disney is one of the biggest enigmas ever bestowed upon cinema. Many know his name, but few know his personal story or his personal struggle to get to be the renowned, billion dollar entity that he is currently seen as today. Because of that, “Walt Before Mickey” is an ideal biopic, telling us the story of Walt Disney well before Mickey Mouse was even a thought in his mind. Presumably, it’d be a film that would not only demystify a man, but an empire, and give us a more intimate glimpse at someone who has been ritualistically accepted the unmatched soul of animated creativity.

“Woulda, coulda, shoulda,” is the moral of “Walt Before Mickey,” which, other than one strong thematic point it chooses to emphasize quite regularly, is an overwrought and cheesy biopic, brimful of oversimplifications and embellished emotions. Walt Disney is played by Thomas Ian Nicholas of “American Pie” fame, an actor with a lot of attractiveness, but no discernible soul or personality he’s willing to etch into the role. The film concerns Walt Disney’s humble beginnings as a local farm boy, strictly dictated by his father and misunderstood by his whole family. Ever since his youth, he has dreamt of being a cartoonist, to the point where he has drawn random, animated animals on the walls of his father’s barn in order to fulfill his desires for creative expression.

“Walt Before Mickey” focuses on Walt’s struggle to prove himself a gifted animator in a money driven world, as well as his fight the restrictive and debilitating copyright laws that allow studios to own the rights of the animators’ work without any question. Such fundamental ideas would be instrumental to a great film if Khoa Le’s project wasn’t more intent on inciting an emotional response than it was one would that would impact its audience on a level they’d remember in the long term.

The problem with “Walt Before Mickey” is it chooses to embellish its subjects in an emotionally manipulative sense, or one that sacrifices their humanity in favor of cheap pathos. As a result, the film suffers from not only being a believable project, but one that has any other intention aside from capitalizing off of the recognizable qualities and the enigma behind Walt Disney’s name.

Le and screenwriters Arther L. Bernstein and Armando Gutierrez do capitalize on Walt’s intention to be entirely full of integrity and good will, never making him out to be an entirely greedy soul nor one concerned with immediate monetary compensation. In fact, it’s quite admirable how Bernstein and Gutierrez take Walt’s story and emphasize fundamental elements about an artist staying true to himself and the repeated failures many will have to go through in order to obtain noteworthy, if any, success. Most of this compelling subtext, however, is undercut, by the film’s need to emphasize every emotional occurrence in the film in a boisterous and overwrought manner that does nothing for the film as a whole aside from bring down its thematic credibility.

“Walt Before Disney,” through its directorial and narrative woodenness that would make contemporary independent Christian cinema seem like believable fare in the modern day, makes soap operas pragmatic in the kind of drama and incredulous circumstances most of them conjure up. It’s a film intent on embellishing every emotional circumstance and not thinking twice about constructing a scene that isn’t built off of dimestore pathos nor incredulous circumstances. It’s one of the year’s most glaring missed opportunities, as it turns a story of incredible significance into a cheap and forgettable trite in an independent film that bites off far more than it can chew.

Reviewer 6:
A wretched waste of time. Life is short, do not spend time that you will never get back watching this… experiment. Character portraying Walt Disney is miscast. By all accounts, Mr. Disney was more serious-minded and more self effacing than the man we see in this film. Mr. Disney first drew a mouse while he was in the trenches, serving in World War I. This insipid movie had him befriending a mouse while down-and-out and dumpster diving. Worst of all, the man presented to viewers as Walt Disney in this movie is an unfocused goof-ball- nothing at all like the real man who was more like the Bill Gates of his time- very focused and hard working.

Reviewer 7:
Don’t let the preface of this movie deceive you.

The director must have smoked some of that extra special, because he’s on some next level garbage. No thumbs up; this makes me wish I was a leper. Kindergarten school play acting fools. Thomas Nicholas needs to stick to that satirical American Pie type ‘ish for real. Walt doing triple back flips in his grave, or wait this dude was frozen right? He probably got shook and shattered that cryogenic chamber just to show the back of his Pedo hand to the directors like “SURPRISE DIANE”.

Do your self a favor and spend that hour and forty minutes with Donald Trumps wife so she can tell you stories about their sex life, because that’s honestly probably less painful to take in. Imagine if Rosie O’Donald and Mr. Trump both had a sex reassignment surgery and switched parts then made a dominatrix tape that was leaked by Anonymous world wide like some U2 iTunes scam… still not as horrible as this movie. LOL it would probably be called “The Rosie O’Donald Trump Chronicles”.

Reviewer 8:
We watched this after returning from a Disney World vacation, still not quite ready to put our recent trip in the rear view mirror, and turned it off about an hour into the film. It’s a terrible movie. The acting is atrocious, so bad that I wondered several times how the director approved a scene for the final cut. The thing is that I didn’t think the cast was that bad, there are a few decent names in here. Everyone was just awful though, clear that they were only in it for a paycheck.

What’s more is that the story was told in a way that’s so boring and bland, nothing is interesting. This is a movie that should have been played on Lifetime, and even that may be giving it a little too much credit.

Don’t believe the 4.5/5 star rating it gets on Netflix like I did – this movie stinks.

Reviewer 9:
I actually had to stop watching half way through because the film was so painful to watch. I think my biggest mistake was watching “Saving Mr Banks” the night before watching this film. Walt Before Micky certainly tried to recapture the magic so easily conveyed in Saving Me Banks yet failed miserably. Not only were the portrayals of these real people wildly inaccurate, the acting was completely wooden. Everything about the script, direction and acting screamed inexperience and was reminiscent of a school production. I am very disappointed as this could have been a charming film in much the same way Saving Mr Banks made the history of Disney come alive, alas this time around it failed miserably; hopefully one day a remake will do this story justice!

Reviewer 10:
With the Hollywood machine pounding out flesh-eating, filthy, violent, promiscuous stories by the hundreds each year, it’s refreshing when anyone comes along and is willing to take on a “politically incorrect” story about ordinary human beings. Walt was not a super-hero, and this earlier look at his life gives us plenty of thoughtful insight into his character (flaws included), and his tough beginnings. If we want, we can tear apart the acting, the writing, the filming. But I don’t want to do that. Here’s the simple fact. If a movie doesn’t have gore and sex a-plenty, then the big studios will NOT even look at it. With the exception of course of the “art” films that toe the Hollywood line of bull, and satisfy the Academy’s lust for twisted entertainment.

Sorry, but I like the story. And as a professional musician, I say this. People might like it if they actually shut off their “fast- paced critical mindset” and tried to open their minds up to the fact that not everyone has to buy into what’s currently worshiped by the “sheople” in the crowds. That’s how music is. I don’t have to like every sound in the performance to love the song. Sometimes the song is enough.

In this case, I’d recommend this to any family, any adults, anyone younger, as a true look at an influential man’s beginnings, and how he got his start bringing joy to others.

Reviewer 11:
When I first saw the trailer for this film, I was overjoyed. I love comics, animation and history, so this seemed like a film I would enjoy very much. Today Walt Disney is an icon for animation, his legacy is to inspire animators and cartoon lovers (I’m not speaking of today’s Disney Corporate, though…).

First red flag came to me when I saw the movie title in Netflix. But I thought oh well, at least I don’t have to pay separately for my movie ticket or anything and that’s cool. I’ve found many good & recent movies in Netflix, so I didn’t quite expect what I was down for.

I nearly shot my cola out through my nose when I saw the first credits. They looked like someone had JUST found out the “Scetch” filter in Photoshop. I quickly started to feel like I was watching a bad biography from the nineties. But again, I assured myself, that many great movies have pulled it together with a small budget.

But I was about to learn a hard lesson here. Acting? Mediocre. Script? Horrible. Music? Constant piano playing that makes you want to pull your hair out one by one. Story flow? Like many car crashed put together. The ending? “Ohhhh man. Did I just waste two hours on THIS?” The only even mildly interesting stuff happens in the first 30 minutes of the film and after that it’s just a pain to watch.

I’m truly sorry for the actors, the director and the screen writer. I don’t know who hurt you, but please don’t ever do another movie together again.



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